About Us

Engyn is an agnostic solution that works with any software in the industry with main focus on Data and 3D geometry coordination. It is a simple and elegant solution that can be customized by any professional with Javascript and .NET programming skills.

ENGyn Tools support every stage
of a construction phase


Develop 3D models and export them to any platform you like.


Perform quality control of any BIM model and develop your own standards.


Print any drawings as a batch or export them to the format you need.


Make sure all the stakeholders are on the same page when performing coordination.


Connect different AEC programs and exchange data to smooth your processes.

FM Phase

Use IOT to manage all the assets of you building.


Node Creation

Develop any custom nodes that you need and import them into your canvas

Share Nodes

Share with other users of the community any Node that you want

Visualize 3D Nodes

Use our Canvas to view your nodes and test them

Sell Nodes

Sell your nodes to others users of the community and get profit for it

Easy to use interface

Manage all your workflows and nodes with Engyn’s interface. Customize the way you work by creating your own folder organization or adapt the file to your company’s standards.


User Session

Manager all your nodes and workflows by creating folders and categories from Engyn’s interface

Workflow Session

Develop your own customized workflows by dropping nodes on the Canvas

3D Viewer

Visualize any imported 3D geometry with our custom viewer


Sell, share or buy any Nodes or workflows to enhance your processes


Engyn is compatible with Dynamo and Grasshopper so you can re-use nodes that you have already created or if you have programming experience with C# or JavaScript you can use them as well.